Welcome to Paul Michael Reklaitis Photography. 

I have been capturing images of people for over 20 years. I opened my photography studio in 2004. I began professionally photographing commercial products, but quickly found that I prefer the complexity of photographing people. So I began perfecting the art of people photography. This includes; portraits, weddings, models, and music. Besides great lighting and great camera equipment, I found that getting the subjects to relax is the most important part of people photography. So every portrait session starts by sitting in a comfortable room and talking with the people that I will be photographing. This helps me find out more about them and what they are expecting from the portrait sitting, but mostly it helps them relax so they feel more comfortable when it comes time to have their photos taken. Plus I never schedule more than two photo sessions per day, so my clients are never rushed. My clients are number one and I want them to feel special. The experience of being photographed in Paul Michael's studio is relaxing, enjoyable, and fun, because YOU are the Star!

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Paul Michael Reklaitis